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Article: birthday girl


birthday girl

So last year I documented all my close friend's birthdays as blog sketches. This year I'm still birthday sketching, but for real customers. Progress! Here is Eslpeth, a recent birthday commission. Intrigued by this person who has a more unusual name than me and happens to be born on Valentines Day? Well, she has a blog! Happy belated, Elspeth, hope it was fabulous!

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fall 2012

pardon my french

oh la la... where do i begin? the kate spade fall 2012 preview was such fun. the title of the event "toutes les filles sont folles" or "all the girls are mad" says it all. french chicness and col...

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nyfw - being there

Hello! I wanted to share some very quick sketches from the three fashion week events I attended this NYFW. It was a busy week and I didn't have time to do official paintings like I usually do. So...

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