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Article: pardon my french

fall 2012

pardon my french

oh la la... where do i begin? the kate spade fall 2012 preview was such fun. the title of the event "toutes les filles sont folles" or "all the girls are mad" says it all. french chicness and colorful kate spade playfulness of epic proportions. really, thank you ks team for creating a preview tailored to my exact list of favorite things: french femininity, garance dore's scrawling handwriting, stripped pedestals and giant fashion illustrations everywhere. seriously this is literally my list of favorite things. (plus croissants) i had so much fun walking through the bubbly crowd and seeing the little details on each model. i want to sketch them all. and probably will. but i had to start with this one. the floaty skirt, the bow belt, the shirt. that shirt... i must get one. ok back to sketching!

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Inslee By Design

chain of hearts

happy valentines day everyone!  hope its a pink and red wonderland out there for you today!

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birthday girl

So last year I documented all my close friend's birthdays as blog sketches. This year I'm still birthday sketching, but for real customers. Progress! Here is Eslpeth, a recent birthday commission...

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