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Article: kate spade fall 2015

Kate Spade

kate spade fall 2015

 Today I had the pleasure of escaping the studio to see the Kate Spade Fall 2015 Preview. Kate Spade knows the importance of beautiful clothing and accessories they design, but equally significant - they know the importance of creating a beautiful environment. Every season I've had the chance to see their new collection, I'm always struck by how transportive their "set design" is, how whatever mood they're hoping to create is perfectly captured in the abundance of celebrated details. They are staging geniuses, I tell you.

This season is all about ***hold up, don't you just love sentences that start with "this season is all about"?!

Anyway, this season is all about conjuring up the romantic, cozy magic of an Old New York hotel bar. The floors were black watch plaid, the walls were mural coved and dotted with sconces. Like I said - geniuses. A sconce goes a long way in helping you sense Old New York City charm. And the models were sipping from cut crystal tumblers while they modeled. So bewitching. (I hope you're reading in a british accent because I am typing in one)

I could imagine the models slipping off their pedestals and #behindthecurtain of a dimly lighted, inviting little hotel lounge on a crisp October day... and so I promptly raced back to the studio to sketch the scene and made it available as a print for you. 


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