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If you follow my adventure on instagram, then you know I had an absolute field day posting pictures with reckless abandon of my trip to Turks and Caicos in January, and just seeing how jealous I could make everyone back home. 

My studio mates and I packed up and headed out to the sunny shores of T&C for a long weekend to reflect upon and strategize how to grow our brands. Or, in other words, spend a lot of time lounging at a swim-up bar in the ocean-front infinity pool taste testing the subtle differences between a mojito and a pina colada. 

While lounging, we spotted a familiar silhouette clad in white and covered over by a Eugenia Kim sun hat. Daphne had of course been Resident Snowbird Number One at the Grace Bay Club all winter.

We should have known she would turn up here! The likes of Daphne does not get caught dead schlepping through ice and snow. No wonder she'd been so conspicuously absent all winter after popping up here and there and everywhere in the early fall. 

And of course, trotting at her heals was the furry little side kick, complete with matching canine version of Eugenia Kim. 

This threw me into a rage. I have been working tirelessly on Ophelia's public image since she arrived in December. But it had not occurred to me to pack her in my suitcase and bring her with me to Turks, nor had it occurred to me how desperately she needed a sunhat tailored to match my own. Daphne and that little mongrel have me bested at every turn! 

We spotted the inseparable pair a few more times during our visit. Always carefully shaded by their hats and sporting the finest in exorbitantly expensive swim wear like this little SUNDRESS number.

Our last sighting of Daphne was through the bountiful fronds of the outdoor patio at Coco Bistro. She was wearing a Marysia Swim bandeau top, a single white orchid behind one ear and a Rosie Assoulin ball skirt. Naturally.

And the little dog was spotted nearby, flirting with the resident Coco Bistro cats. She was wearing a wreath of orchids. 

There's no telling how long Daphne plans to winter in paradise, but I have my suspicions about her making a return for Fashion Week and am keeping my eyes pealed for her to turn up on the windswept tundra that is winter in NYC... 

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