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Article: NYC morning


NYC morning

It's a perfect morning in NYC today. Cool on the shady side of the street and warm on the sunny side and not a cloud in the sky. Everyone is eating croissants, walking their tiny dogs and wearing their "its almost the weekend" best.

Saw this cropped trench, LWD and big shades and loved it. Its perfect LWD weather but it will probably pour rain in about five hours so the trench was genius. She had on different shoes though. I almost stopped her and told her to go buy these Dolce Vita summer staple sandals because they were the only thing stopping her from having the perfect Thursday morning outfit.

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pink chair

So, when I'm out and about creepily noticing peoples outfits, I tend to end up in home design stores no matter where I was actually trying to go. John Derain Company is especially dangerous as it...

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weekend wear

just picked up a new beach cover up, its time for the weekend!

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