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Article: rainy day

rainy day

its thursday and its raining in washington and yes i have left the house today and so yes i do know that the above drawing is pretty unrealistic (although i do wish that coat existed) but anyway, this would be more like it... also, today was featuring a retrospective of fashion illustrations and theeeseee are my favorite ones: pretty huh? the bird lady is my very fave. i hope that it isnt an illustration of a lady wearing a chicken hat, but of a lady wearing an actual chicken.

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garance dore


hello. so i've finally come down from the halloween sugar high. back to work i go. and it seems that "in the kitchen" cards have sold out yet again! SO to thank you for your excellent ordering ef...

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snookie says

its fridaayayyyy!!! happy gorilla hunting b*tches!! have a good weekend!

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