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Article: brainstorming

garance dore


hello. so i've finally come down from the halloween sugar high. back to work i go. and it seems that "in the kitchen" cards have sold out yet again! SO to thank you for your excellent ordering efforts, i would like to ask you what you'd like to see as a replacement. would you rather: have a set of "in the kitchen 3.0" cards or a set of "in the garden" cards? i could just make an improved cooking-inspired card but i'm also considering the idea of a gardening-themed card too. there are so many of you wonderful today lady show watchers out there who love to cook, but do any of you garden too? maybe i'll just do both cards and post them for reactions. also, this illustration is in the lovely garance dore's illustration style. although she is much much better at it of course.

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november calendar

Happy November

Happy November! Is it just me or does November translate directly as month of elaborate cooking to you too?

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fashion illustration

rainy day

its thursday and its raining in washington and yes i have left the house today and so yes i do know that the above drawing is pretty unrealistic (although i do wish that coat existed) but anyway,...

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