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Article: Happy New Year 2013


Happy New Year 2013


Happy New Years Eve. It's almost 2013! Time to release the new calendar girls!

January has a certain confidence in her stride, doesn't she? Ready to tackle a blank slate full of possibilities. I hope to channel this sketch's energy as I prepare for the clock to hit 12.

Right now I'm feeling overwhelmed and a little bit more like a sketch that has just run a marathon and is standing, hands on knees, trying to catch my breath... not that I've ever sketched anyone like that... my girls are always poised.

2012 was a year for the record books for me and my little business. I literally could cry with joy just thinking about how far I've come and about how much love and support and enthusiasm I've encountered this year. I really couldn't be prouder of the milestones of the past year. But with all this accomplishment comes a lot of exhaustion. So, as happy as I am looking back, when I look forward I feel ready to take a nap. Is it really time to start over again, striving to get bigger and better? Is this even possible?

My New Years Resolution is more of a new years wish. So, as I sit in my studio this December 31st, watching the fading light on the Empire State building, I plan to wish on the new years ball that is waiting to drop tonight, glittering into a sea of tourists just a few blocks north, for the courage to continue to grow in this brand new year.

I'm not setting any hard and fast goals tonight. No yoga challenges or flossing regimes or sugar denials here. I'm just feeling grateful and making a wish and letting the clock turn. I have a feeling things will work out with this positive attitude. How zen am I?

Cheers to 2013 and to finding new creativity in the year ahead! Go put on your Furry hats and stride into the future like January here, this year is our oyster!

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