Emerald Fur

2013 emerald Inslee Inslee By Design pantone sketch book The Sketch Book

Hello! Welcome to the  first sketch of 2013, swathed in emerald fur. I figured what better way to start fresh than with the pantone color of the year?

This sketch is part of a new sketch book I unwrapped on Christmas morning. I immediately fell in love with its delicately gold tipped pages and gorgeous geometric patterned cover.

Which got me to thinking... a sketch book this beautiful before it's even been used would become a treasure once it's been filled with artwork. What would one sell a treasure like this for? ... What if I started selling sketch books? ... Is that a thing? Not a published replica of a sketch book... but the actual physical thing I sketched in, day after day.

I mean talk about a unique coffee table book, right? What do you think?

The wheels are turning. New year, new ideas and beautiful, gold tipped pages to sketch them on.



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