tassel earrings and pink arugula

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When it comes to thinking about buying four hundred dollar costume jewelry earrings, you have to ask yourself two questions:

1. who do you think you are?

and 2. which color is most practical?

These are the types of things I am working through in my new sketch book. But really, what color would you get if you had an unlimited tassel budget? Not that either of us do, but a sketchbook is a place for dreaming right?

Speaking of, last night I dreamed my plane went down in an emergency landing into the ocean, but it was also distinctly taking place in Paris (which, yes, I know is not in the ocean)

Everything was very organized in the dream. I remembered to grab my passport before exiting. And the nice pilot even let me get back on the plane briefly to grab my very attractive pointed toe nude flats with laser cutouts.

What does it mean???! That I'm crazy?

Probably. Here's something else I sketched in the new book. This is definitely the work of a crazy person...

I can't stop thinking about pink arugula. I want an entire room painted with pink arugulas. Or at least some over sized throw pillows.

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