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Article: End of the world: going out on a champagne and chicken high


End of the world: going out on a champagne and chicken high

Happy Mayan-Calendar-End Eve! I'm doing my best to spend all the money in my bank account today before the end of the world. Why leave anything left un-purchased? This is it! Besides, Christmas is coming and on the off chance that the world doesn't end tomorrow I'd like to be prepared with great presents.

You know what else I'm doing to prepare for the apocalypse? Eating as much fried chicken and drinking as much champagne as is socially appropriate for someone preparing to meet the great beyond tonight with Manhattan Wine Company at their 1st annual Champagne/Fried Chicken dinner.

Yes, MWC - a wine retail and storage company that I happen to be quite fond of - is hosting a select group of apocalyptos tonight at The Cardinal for a tasting of grower champagnes paired with the perfect last meal: lots and lots of fried, southern deliciousness.

for those of you who don't know what I just said... grower champagnes are made by small independent wine makers, not big corporate wine brands like Veuve Clicquot...

...grower champagne is a gorgeous, hand crafted leather bag made just for you by a blind cobbler in a 400 year old shop in Italy and Veuve is a blinged-out Louis Vuitton bag that you're only buying for the label.

get it??

don't you love my wine logic?

Anyway, I'd tell you all to come to the event, but it's sold out (go MWC!), and besides you probably have a lot to do tonight preparing your doomsday shelter.

But again, on the off chance that we all survive... a lot of IF's in this post... you should both A. go eat at The Cardinal and B. become Manhattan Wine Company's newest client.

The Cardinal is a delight. It's the only restaurant my southern, good old boy of a dad has actually liked in all of Manhattan. That is really saying something seeing as New York City is one of the biggest food destinations on earth. Don't miss it.

And Manhattan Wine Company is a friendly wine retailer and storage company that can offer you a personal, non-threatening shopping experience and vast selection of unique wines that range from "important" to "alternative" and everything in between.

I can't guarantee they'll give you a wine-as-handbag-metaphor when you call to order... They should probably hire me as the "women's shopping experience translator for the wine illiterate"?!

But they they will hand-curate and ship to you a bottle, a case, a pallet - as much as you can drink - and turn you into an overnight sophisticate with a quirky wine collection on hand.

So, if the Mayans are wrong, then MWC is right. Don't forget to check them out!

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