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Article: Three Jane's Nine Girls with Map Necklaces

Three Jane's Nine Girls with Map Necklaces

Meet the Map Necklace girls!

Katie of Three Jane commissioned me to create a girl for each occasion you might want one of her famous Map Necklaces for. Well, there are certainly even more occasions than these nine. But these are representations of her clients' favorite occasions to commemorate with a necklace. Which one are you?!

What's that?

Never heard of the Map Necklace? Where have you been! It's been getting fabulous press this holiday season, including a feature in Martha Stewart Weddings and The Cut gift guide.

Choose a location that means a lot to you, like where you went to school or had your wedding and Katie will create one of her necklaces for you to mark that place forever. Pretty awesome gift idea right?

Visit Katie's Three Jane facebook page to learn more about her new company and to see my illustrations featured.

If I were ordering a map necklace right now, do you know where I'd like to have it represent? The spot right out in front of my building where I had an epic meltdown upon arriving to work. The Christmas season has me thoroughly frazzled and it all came to a head this morning...

First, I broke my shoe walking from the print shop to my studio and couldn't find a cab anywhere in the miserable early morning drizzle.

Not wanting to ruin the precious prints I'd just picked up (or walk with one shoe on to work) I decided I should call Uber and ride in style the rest of the way. I was so proud of myself for solving the problem so extravagantly. While I waited the three minutes for my magical chariot to arrive I popped into OST coffee and ordered an overpriced organic coffee, which was served up with a beautiful milk pattern just as the Uber car arrived. As I climbed up into the enormous black tinted out surburban I remember thinking to myself, hey, I've had a pretty good year. I should do this more often. I've really earned it.


Somebody up there heard my head expanding and the universe promptly arranged to have me cut back down to size. Read on...

the ride was delightful. And the suburban jauntily rolled up in front of my office and the cheerful, native English speaking driver told me to have a wonderful day. I proudly swung the door open noticing that a small crowd of hipster artists were smoking cigarettes outside our building, probably talking about how much they love taking the subway and how much they hate people who order car services.

Oh well, I've had it with the intentional struggle that is so engrained in New Yorkers' source of pride. Why can't things be easy? Hipsters are so silly...

I stepped out onto the slippery wet running board of the SUV and WOOOSHHHH flew through the air and landed flat on my back in a huge puddle in the middle of Chrystie street, spilling coffee all over me and a fresh batch of prints.

So, yes I think I probably need a map necklace or two to mark that spot. It would forever remind me to stay humble, never expect anything to go the way you plan it, and never again order an Uber cab and think it will solve all your problems and to continue riding the subway like the hipster artist that I really am.

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