Trimming the tree with Ella Rue

Christmas Ella Rue Inslee By Design Inslee Haynes The Sketch Book

Good morning! I'm just sitting here, drinking my kale juice (which cost a whopping $11 for 17 ounces... highway robbery) and thinking about how much I love Christmas. I love the trees and the lights and the merriment. I loved creating the above illustration for Ella Rue's Christmas card. But do you know what I do not love...


It's happening today.

That horrifying NYC tradition of thousands of drunken 20-somethings dressing in various states of disheveled Santa attire and roam the streets one Saturday every December.

I plan to stay safely in my studio all day creating away and thinking about nativity scenes and sugar plums to ward off the degradation of Christmas that is happening nine stories below.

Ten days till the big show, people! Get your Christmas orders in with me by TUESDAY if you want to see it "in time"!!!

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