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Article: orange crush

orange crush

hello! so this morning i suddenly realized that with all the hustle and bustle of prepping for the stationery show i had only drawn one thing this week. how sad! so i decided to sit down and draw something just for me, well just for you dear blog friends. and i couldn't think of anything! all this prep work had turned off my creative brain! i had the worst case of illustrators block. it was a little scary, ideas are always swirling around my head, its so second nature to me to have creativity be a part of my day. not having an idea for a sketch was like suddenly realizing i couldn't remember how to walk. so i was all disgruntled and then i remembered that earlier this week Cassie, blogger and owner of the worlds most amazing dog, invited me to join pinterest. (no, dont get too excited, i haven't pinned anything) so i started poking around and it was like the switch flipped back on and millions of ideas and inspirations rushed back in! I found a photograph on my friend Katie Rogers of PAPERFASHION's pinterest page that inspired this above illustration. I don't know who photographed it or who designed the dress or who styled the shoot or who she is or where she is and I LOVE THAT. Its so nice just to find something pretty and paint it without instructions or intentions beyond just mixing colors. Sigh of relief! Ok now back to tackling real projects. Ps. Orange Crush is available as a print! Sorry I haven't done more for sale lately. Ooops!

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