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Article: march resolution


march resolution

My March monthly resolution is going to be to find a breakfast that works for me. I admit I love lavish breakfasts as much as the next pinterest member. I eat croissants like they're going out of style. But sadly daily croissant consumption is not a sustainable plan. Not only are they overpriced and generally sold at tiny shops that demand cash only, but they are essentially devoid of any nutritional value (unless you consider butter to be a fruit/vegetable). So I've decided its time to reassess. What do you all eat for breakfast? Is greek yogurt really all its cracked up to be? This month I am dedicating myself to finding the holy grail of breakfast food that tastes good enough to look forward to waking up for but is also healthy enough to become a daily routine. I shall report back with my findings!

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2012 Calendar

Happy March

Have a happy March everyone! Well, actually... she doesn't look very happy does she? I think a better tag line here might be "have a fierce March" or "show 'em who wears the swing coat this Marc...

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meet lauren

Meet Lauren! That's Lauren M. Hughes to be exact. She's a writer, blogger and now a proud owner of a freshly water colored "from the desk of" portrait courtesy of moi. The artwork is now display...

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