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Article: Happy March

2012 Calendar

Happy March

Have a happy March everyone! Well, actually... she doesn't look very happy does she? I think a better tag line here might be "have a fierce March" or "show 'em who wears the swing coat this March" Either way, I'm pretty excited about this this illustration, because for once its semi-on trend. Its hard to predict what will be in style for a whole month a year in advance. I painted this last May before having seen any of the spring runway shows. But her outfit is definitely giving a nod, both in sleeve design and overall cut of the coat, to the trend of the moment - the almighty peplum. I swear, there is going to be a spike in baby name popularity for the word "peplum".... if I was having a baby right now it would be named Celine Peplum Haynes. Anyway, I will report back tomorrow with my monthly resolution. Last month's resolution to read the news went swimmingly. Although I must admit, I cheated. I didn't read the news. But I have become a devotee of listening to talk radio. I realized that all the hours I spend each day painting that were once spent zoned out listening to music are now spent in the intellectually active company of All Things Considered and Talk Of The Nation. Want to talk about Mitt Romney? Or the state of genetic testing in America's future? I am now an expert. Ok, now get out there and shake your peplums, its almost spring!

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leap day

I've never understood why leap day isn't a more celebrated holiday. I mean it only happens once every four years, right? We should live it up! There should be parades, it should be a day off of w...

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march resolution

My March monthly resolution is going to be to find a breakfast that works for me. I admit I love lavish breakfasts as much as the next pinterest member. I eat croissants like they're going out o...

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