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Article: leap day


leap day

I've never understood why leap day isn't a more celebrated holiday. I mean it only happens once every four years, right? We should live it up! There should be parades, it should be a day off of work, there should be traditional leap day meals like Thanksgiving or Christmas. Why hasn't hallmark capitalized on this yet? Well, until they turn it into a national holiday, I am going to treat it as a get-out-of-normal-blog-post free card. If this weren't leap day I'd try to sketch my favorite Oscars look, or my favorite new trends for spring. I might even sketch someone i saw out and about looking fabulous - a feat this late into the winter. BUT, it is leap day. So instead you will get this lady in a high wasted bikini and oversized hat. With absolutely no explanation. Enjoy!

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bridal portrait

bride season

spring is coming and do you know what that means? wedding season! i'm excited for lots of new bridal portraits this year. here is one i did recently. shes a bit more ornately adorned than the usu...

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2012 Calendar

Happy March

Have a happy March everyone! Well, actually... she doesn't look very happy does she? I think a better tag line here might be "have a fierce March" or "show 'em who wears the swing coat this Marc...

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