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Article: bride season

bridal portrait

bride season

spring is coming and do you know what that means? wedding season! i'm excited for lots of new bridal portraits this year. here is one i did recently. shes a bit more ornately adorned than the usual white dress/bouquet combo which was fun to illustrate. (look at that arm party!) isn't she lovely?

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Brittany Sakowitz

new for the night

Oscar weekend calls for a sketch of ladies dancing in Oscar (de la renta) gowns... Borrowed gowns that is. Introducing New For The Night! A new company based in Houston, TX that allows you to ...

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leap day

I've never understood why leap day isn't a more celebrated holiday. I mean it only happens once every four years, right? We should live it up! There should be parades, it should be a day off of w...

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