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Article: la chaise


la chaise

I don't know about you, but I love chairs. Quite possibly my favorite furniture/design item... closely followed by architects lamps, topiary trees, free standing antlers, coffee tables. Ah I just cannot get enough of design elements! I want a new job as a designer! But back to chairs. Love em. Love buying them, upholstering them, pinning pictures of them, sitting in them, saying chair in french... la chaise... And also, apparently I now love drawing them. And sharing them with you. Happy Friday!

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The Sketch Book

further investigation: the uniform

Look, it's back: your favorite girl-strutting-in-stilettos pose! And not just one, but two of them! Anyway, the inspiration for this sketch came from my afternoon musings on button downs vs swea...

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errand chic

hello! here's an illustration i created for The Simply Luxurious Life i thought she suited the day well. something about monday just says "put on your turquoise shoes and go stock up on vegetabl...

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