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Thanks to the recent fashion week season and resulting beautiful street style imagery that has just hit the bloggosphere, my desk top is cluttered to the brim with images I've saved haphazardly off of tumblr and twitter etc. Images that I've seen just at a glance and loved and saved in haste to rediscover later. This morning I opened them all up and found myself looking at a layered collage of little accessories and moments of women on the streets living their lives in beautiful detail. Almost none of the images I'd saved were from runway collections. And then it occurred to me that maybe what I love most about this industry isn't the far-out collections that strut at fashion week, but the way real women collect and combine elements of style to create individual stories about themselves. I guess you could say I'm an illustrator of the people (albeit ridiculously skinny, well heeled woman-people). But all the same its the personal details, not the conceptual runway shows that speak to me. These two illustrations are inspired by snapshots from streetstylings I found in the sea of jgs on my desktop. I've added a few imagined finishing touches too - because just as I love seeing how people create their unique ensembles, I love creating these particular little sketches in my own way. ps. these prints are for sale!

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