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Article: keep calm and carry on

The Sketch Book

keep calm and carry on

Good afternoon. doesn't this sketch just require a formal greeting like 'good afternoon'? I am channeling this lady's poise in hopes of overcoming the overwhelming list of things I am trying to get done right now. Why is it that when things happen they happen all at once? Some times it seems like the universe - as an entity that affects the way my life unfolds - has terrible timing. Someone needs to get the universe a daily planner. Until that happens, I am going to be walking around as pictured above: eyes semi closed, leaning back (prepared to break into a weekend at bernies imitation if necessary) and holding an over-sized clutch while repeating quietly to myself 'keep calm and carry on' ps. print for sale!

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fashion magpie

Dargan styled by the Fashion Magpie

Happy Birthday Dargan! Dargan is wearing a look created by styling genius Jen of the Fashion Magpie: Richard Nicoll Shirt dress, Louboutin heels, and Kate Spade studs. When I saw this posted on ...

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Fashion Week

personal flair

Thanks to the recent fashion week season and resulting beautiful street style imagery that has just hit the bloggosphere, my desk top is cluttered to the brim with images I've saved haphazardly o...

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