pleats please

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I'm looking forward to wearing accordion pleats this spring. (ahhh I just had to read that sentence and laugh at myself a little bit. fashion blogging really is so ridiculous, isn't it?) Anyway, loving the tiny pleats and looking forward to  finding a floaty skirt like this one. And added bonus, these skirts are a built in weight management system. Because, even though they are made up of hundreds of tiny folds that are capable of spreading out into a larger skirt, there is nothing worse than accordion pleats that are well... accordion-ing. They must lie flat and neatly tucked for this look to work. Something to consider when the second tray of nachos comes out at the Super Bowl party this weekend. I for one am boycotting the Super Bowl this year, not as a nacho avoidance tactic, but because instead I will be busily working away on behind the scenes odds and ends that keep Inslee By Design a functioning little business. You'd be surprised how much hard work that doesn't involve a paint brush goes into running this operation!

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