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three birthday girls today! well one is a bit belated... Margaret, above, is one of the most talented artists I know. She can paint like there's no tomorrow. She also has this beautiful, vintage, iconic presence. Shes a breath of fresh air with her bright red lips and bizarre, thoughtful musings and her occasional lapses into a British accent. Wishing you a divine belated birthday, darling! And here is Danielle! Danielle and I have been celebrating eachother's birthdays since we were five years old, we go waaay back. Back in the day, Danielle delighted in the fact that her birthday was the anniversary of the lunar landing and today shes still a scientific genius but with a dreamy, creative side too. So happy to have such a wonderful old friend in my life, Happy Birthday!! And last but certainly not least, is Kelly! Kelly is an eternal optimist. With the blondest hair you've ever seen and a cheery perspective on just about everything, its sometimes hard for me to believe shes a high powered lawyer now. Sigh... they're all growing up so fast. Happy Birthday to all three lovely ladies! I hope another wonderful year lies ahead!

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