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Article: 2011 Calendar!

2011 Calendar

2011 Calendar!

Hello everyone! Do you like the new blog/website? I am so excited I can finally share it with you... its been a work in progress for quite a while. And my excitement is doubled by getting to announce that the 2011 calendar is ready and waiting for you. I think this years is my favorite ever, hurry and order!

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Happy September

can't believe its September already... I'm so excited for the change in seasons. I may be jumping the gun but I swear I saw some red leaves this morning.

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eternity scarf

From here to eternity...scarf

Today was one of those days that never let me catch my breath. I felt like as soon as I finished scrambling to put out one fire, another had popped up. It must be Monday. So I'm glad I got a mome...

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