10, 9, 8, 7....

2011 Calendar new years eve The Sketch Book

So if your anything like me and my friends, you've spent a pretty hefty amount of this week grievously discussing serious serious issues. issues like what kind of tights are you wearing? is it lame to wear flats to a party? is renting the runway dangerous? these are the issues that shape the week before new years eve. its all so silly but these things must be  decided and it is best if they are decided in unison with your team of advisers. anyway, good luck deciding if you are going to curl your hair or not. (i haven't decided yet... eek!) and have a wonderful wonderful time celebrating this weekend. i'll see you all next year! whoooseee excited to crack open my 2011 calendar??? and if you haven't bought one yet, there is still time! hint hint, nudge nudge... cheers! if you like the illustration above... buy a print!

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