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Article: Zzzzzz



ohmygoodness how was your christmas? mine was amazing - i discovered glee! oh it is so good. my family and i are planning a brunch outing in middleburg, but secretly i just want to watch gleeeee... is that a bad sign? i need to see what happens between the tall kid and rachel! and if the teachers wife gets the cheerleaders baby. oh i have so much to still discover. anyway, my point in this post. "the most wonderful time" is quickly becoming the "busiest time" of the year. so i hope everyone remembered to take at least a few minutes this christmas to just veg out. clearly, i have mastered the art of relaxing with the whole glee obsession. and i hope you remember to do so as well. ps. southerners, i am very jealous you all got snow on christmas. like its going to be hard for me to be friendly when we see eachother at new years jealous. watch out.

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christmas vacation

over the river and through the woods

well, more like, over the beltway and through the pat-down-security line... but anyway, i hope you all have safe journeys to wherever christmas takes you this year!

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2011 Calendar

10, 9, 8, 7....

So if your anything like me and my friends, you've spent a pretty hefty amount of this week grievously discussing serious serious issues. issues like what kind of tights are you wearing? is it la...

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