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Article: happy 2011!


happy 2011!

better late than never... i meant to post this on the 1st but i was entertaining some lovely new years house guests, which at the end of the day is always more important than blogging so here it is at last! january 2011 calendar page uno! my mother thinks she looks like nancy grace. yes, this woman: hmmm... also here are some other things i meant to post last week but there was absolutely no time to do so because my new years house guests arrived all sporting christmas ipads and what is a girl to do but sit down and play FRUIT NINJA for 5 days straight? has anyone else discovered the fruit ninja ipad app? as one of my visitors so eloquently expressed it, "fruit ninja was made for monkeys" which is probably why I love it so much after having spent the last decade at the bottom ranking of every possible computer/video/blackberry game. i finally excel at something. sadly the ipads my guests have all gone home to face reality, so i must do the same. and that reality for me is blogging, life is rough. so anyway, while i've been slashing watermelons on borrowed ipads, this is what you've been missing... a sketch inspired by a posting on Le Fashion from a spread in spanish harper's bazaar and a few sketches inspired by the stylings of my newest blog crush Mrs. Lilien . she is a little heavy handed with all the rhyming, but she appeals to my finer things radar and has reminded me of how good the good life must be. and there you have it. a smattering of all the things i meant to do last week. thank goodness each years end is followed by a fresh new year waiting to be over cluttered with all the things you meant to finish the year before. any good new years resolutions? i delight in having mundane resolutions. this year mine might be to stop getting driving related fines and tickets. and to stop casually bumping into other cars while parallel parking.

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2011 Calendar

10, 9, 8, 7....

So if your anything like me and my friends, you've spent a pretty hefty amount of this week grievously discussing serious serious issues. issues like what kind of tights are you wearing? is it la...

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oh hi, im just walking my peacock, fancy meeting you here. so i've thought about my plan to make a resolution about my driving skills and changed my mind. i think that while not wrecking my car ...

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