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this morning on the today show, or as i like to call it the lady show, everyone was all in a dither about the possibility of a wedding between prince william and kate middleton. so naturally, being one of the many stay-at-home ladies whose morning usually involves catching a solid two hours of today show silliness, i went and googled this kate middleton to see what shes been up to. and boy was i jealous. not only is she totally going to marry william (my internal six year old is still hardwired to do everything in my power to stop this from happening), but she gets to wear all sorts of completely ridiculous hats all the time (my inner blair waldorf desperately wants to wear more fluffy hats) so if i was the type of person who let their many inner selves shine through, i'd probably want to be kate middleton for halloween and/or the rest of my life.

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