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Article: a friend for fifi

fifi lapin

a friend for fifi

(image via fifi lapin) I have the biggest crush on Fifi Lapin. We both have sort of large ears, classic taste and blogs. We have so much in common, I know we'd hit it off. I am contemplating buying a print of Fifi for my new bedroom since I've decided hanging up all of my prints on my walls might just look a little bit too self-involved. And like any good unrequited crush, I have stalked her website and then devoted sunday morning to creating a friend for Fifi. Creepy? maybe, but anyway meet Jemima LePooch. She is modeling the Lanvin for H&M line. Jemima is rather new on the scene and hasn't really tried out her high couture paws yet the way Fifi has strutting her stuff in McQueen and all but she fell in love with the over-the-top femininity and electric colors of this collection. She felt just like the sugar plum visions that danced through her head when she tried on all the ruffles and frills.

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couture and cards all in one convenient location

hello shoppers! if you live in DC this is your lucky day. Urban Chic, an amazing boutique that is dangerously close to my house, is now not only my favorite place to shop in georgetown but they are...

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The Sketch Book

less is more

trying out the simple silhouette look today instead of all my usual attention to detail. it lets me focus more on the movement. thoughts? also... the second one sort of looks like she has wings...

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