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Article: xoxo

be mine


So you've probably already seen these, but if you are not on my email list or a facebook fan or a twitter follower (shameless self-promotion! yipee!) then you might have missed them. So here they are: two new cards! this one is called "be mine!" and yes, it is a valentine. I contemplated the text for a long while before settling on "be mine!" because i thought the sunglasses/trenchcoat and sneaky pose combo sort of suggested a secret admirer/someone in disguise. so i really wanted the cards to say "happy valentines day from your stalker" but my mom told me that was too creepy, oh well. my humor is just too evolved i guess, the world isn't ready. and this one, Berry Kiss, is the other newest arrival! and this one is wearing many hats - it could be a subtle valentine or just stationery, you chose!

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Flat Card


Good morning! Some flowers for you... What are your thoughts on this as a new card? Would it benefit from some of my usual black pen sketching or does it stand up with just paint? and perhaps wi...

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friday dancing

Hello! Have you all seen this Prada SS2011 video? It simultaneously cracks me up and inspires me deeply. So in an effort to continually raise the bar for my feats of illustration, I decided to ill...

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