friday dancing

ilustration Inslee By Design Prada SS 2011 The Sketch Book youtube

Hello! Have you all seen this Prada SS2011 video? It simultaneously cracks me up and inspires me deeply. So in an effort to continually raise the bar for my feats of illustration, I decided to illustrate straight from the video. It was a feat indeed. My pausing skills are razor sharp. I chose to illustrate this pose because it combines all my favorite elements of the video. crazy shades: check, crazy hat: check, near nipple slip: check, war face on model: check, ugly shoes: check! It reminded me very much of a picture of myself from childhood, right down to the war face, intricate pattern mixing and large brimmed hat. I'll dig it up and share, its quite inspiring to think a six year old predicted this collection decades before its release. Have a wonderful weekend! and buy a print!

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