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Article: Dove Hair/Mark Townsend

Dove Hair Care

Dove Hair/Mark Townsend

See anything familiar? Yes, thats just some of my sketches... for DOVE... yes Dove. Can you tell I'm pretty excited? In case you didn't know, Mark Townsend is responsible for making January Jones aka Betty Drapper, into the most beautiful woman to ever get snapped by the paparazzi. He does a lot of other amazing celebs too, but hearing about January had me completely sold on this project as soon as I heard it. And now Mark is a Dove Hair Care spokesperson and is going to share his skillz with the dry, frizzy, and unpredictable masses. Pretty cool, huh? And I am the proud Dove spokesillustrator for this invite! Here are closeups...

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Inslee By Design

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No really... please be my "liker"! I made this new page and I totally forgot to promote it. So Here it is! Please Like! Its true, I tweet. So now you know how to keep up with little old me thr...

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