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Article: glamourai


So occasionally I am behind on things. BIG things. Like I didn't get around to trying a strawberry until I was 21 years old. And I still haven't seen Ghostbusters or Full House. And yet again, this morning, I discovered I was embarrassingly late to the party... The Glamourai party. Apparently this amazingly chic blog has been around since 2008. Woops. While I scrambled through her gorgeous outfit posts to get caught up so I'd be hip and in-the-know, I found this one in particular to be illustration worthy. I love her short hair and her crazy necklace with that neutral-ish out fit. (see previous post to get caught up on how much I like bright accents on otherwise simple outfits) And the scrawled proclamation of love behind her took me back to my days of eating gelato studying in Rome. Occasionally while wandering the beautifully decrepit cobblestone streets I'd notice "buongiorno principessa" scratched graffiti-style into one of the equally beautifully decrepit store fronts or church walls. I always loved that. Because before going to Italy I only imagined Italians said things like "buongiorno principessa" and figured it was too cliche to actually be true. But luckily Italy's collective testosterone level prevents it from having any sense of irony or cliche and everyone actually does go around screaming 'ciao bella' and 'buongiorno principessa' at everyone else and scratching it on church walls. Ohh l'amore! #RAMBLING #sorry Anyway, thank you to the glamourai for providing such a cool piece of inspiration for me today!

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Inslee By Design


just something to look at this tuesday afternoon! i personally will never get tired of neutral coats with pop-of-color structured purses on long straps

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kiss me

my mother is going to be calling me any second to remind me that my heritage is in fact Scottish... don't forget your green today!

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