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Article: spring in her step

Hanneli Mustaparta

spring in her step

this Vogue feature on Hanneli (5 days, 5 looks, 1 girl) felt like the perfect spring composition to me. I want her coat. I also want it as wall paper... and curtains... and a china pattern. So delightful. oh and i did some research. she is in fact wearing (very short) shorts. So don't worry. fully clothed illustration here.

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Inslee By Design

is that vintage chanel? no, its my dog

I know I already recently devoted a blog post to the funniest woman online and possibly on the planet, The Man Repeller, but this was too good to pass up. Second times the charm they say anyway.....

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Birthday Greeting

What I've been working on

This perky little person was part of a project I recently did for Gracie, a boutique in Easton, Maryland. She will be sent out in the form of a birthday greeting to Gracie's faithful shoppers inv...

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