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Article: from the desk of...

abbe fenimore

from the desk of...

Abbe Fenimore of Studio ten 25! Literally. Shes on the desk. Get it? Abbe is a Dallas, Texas based interior designer who came to me in search of a creative new take on 'from the desk of' stationery. She needed a note card as fresh and vibrant as the spaces she creates. Abbe shared pictures with me of her beautiful office space (complete with loyal assistants aka her pups) and some of her amazing work. And I came up with an illustration to capture Abbe's cheerful, energetic aesthetic for her new stationery. Wish you too had such perfectly tailored custom stationery? Email me!

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Birthday Greeting

What I've been working on

This perky little person was part of a project I recently did for Gracie, a boutique in Easton, Maryland. She will be sent out in the form of a birthday greeting to Gracie's faithful shoppers inv...

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april fools

jet set

ok i had an elaborate scheme in the works for today... i was going to post an illustration of a man and announce my new plan to become a mens' fashion illustrator as an april fools joke. but ala...

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