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Article: jet set

april fools

jet set

ok i had an elaborate scheme in the works for today... i was going to post an illustration of a man and announce my new plan to become a mens' fashion illustrator as an april fools joke. but alas, there is never any time to execute these witty pranks i come up with so you will just have to make do with the above lady. she is applicable to this situation because i am jet setting off to miami this weekend. and on that note, i am off! have a delightful weekend!

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abbe fenimore

from the desk of...

Abbe Fenimore of Studio ten 25! Literally. Shes on the desk. Get it? Abbe is a Dallas, Texas based interior designer who came to me in search of a creative new take on 'from the desk of' station...

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Happy April!

I almost forgot its time to change the calendar again! Happy April!

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