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Good morning! Today I am officially DONE moving in. The pictures are hung, the internet FINALLY WORKS and I can sit down at my desk and just BE here. Its a wonderful feeling to know that in this frantic, jumbled city I have a little oasis of the things that make me feel calm and balanced and home. So in honor of this feat of relocation, I am sharing this sketch of a girl in her home. Although this is by no means a picture of me or my new apartment, as much as I may wish it was! Moving in here in New York has reminded me of how important each piece of furniture, each artifact in your home is. These things are as much a reflection of your style and yourself as an accessory you wear. So, I've been enjoying painting interiors lately and thinking about a whole new wealth of accessory inspiration for my illustrations. I considered using this piece for the 2012 Calendar, but instead decided to share it here with you now. Speaking of, I just reviewed the proof of the new calendar and it looks beautiful. Can't wait to release it for sale in a few weeks!!

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