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This illustration is part of a collection of pieces i have been working on for Jacques Levine - a slipper company with an impressive history. I'm not talking about big fluffy obnoxious slippers, I'm talking delicate, elegant ballet slippers that make lounging around one's home seem like a luxurious indulgence. The company was founded by Jacques Levine's father in 1936. As I worked with Jacque's grandson who is rebranding the slipper business with a new line of slippers debuting this fall I learned a lot of the cherished heritage that gives the JL brand its classic elegance. For example, fun fact: Jacques Levine was the first shoe designer to introduce women's espadrilles to America! I worked with the JL team to create illustrations that captured the vibe of their by-line, "pour votre domaine". We carefully brainstormed illustrated scenes of women in their peaceful and beautiful interior environments, wearing the new line of slippers. It was a cool creative process to start imagining the personal, thoughtful details of the homes of women who have mastered the refined practice of wearing slippers. This illustration depicts one of their most iconic heeled slippers. Stay tuned for more of my Jacques Levine illustrations and for the launch of their new line this fall. And in the meantime, follow Jacques Levine on Twitter and Tumblr !!

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