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Article: sea shells


sea shells

Hello! So, I finnnaaally can cross going to the Hamptons off my life's to do list. What a lovely place! So many fresh flowers at the farmers markets and tan relaxed people everywhere. And its about five million degrees cooler there than it is in the city. I can see what the hype is about. I shall return and often I hope! One funny thing I noticed was there weren't any shells on the beach. The shells above were inspired by my many years of visiting my grandmother's beach house in Florida. There are so many shells there and more importantly sharks teeth! I spent hours as a little girl trying to find a sharks tooth among the shells to add to her well curated collection of years and years of combing the beach for sharks teeth. Back to fashion illustrating tomorrow, just had to go on a little beach inspired tangent today.

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Inslee By Design

that hair

an exotic little number for your friday afternoon entertainment. have a glorious weekend!

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jacques levine/pour votre domaine

This illustration is part of a collection of pieces i have been working on for Jacques Levine - a slipper company with an impressive history. I'm not talking about big fluffy obnoxious slippers, ...

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