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Article: lady chic

fall fashion

lady chic

every fall it seems like fashion takes a turn away from the bohemian feel of summer towards "lady chic" with classic details and silhouettes. out with the lacy white sundresses, in with boxy alligator purses, stacked heels and fur. and every year, without fail, i buy into it. i could do a case study on myself and my shopping habits - i shop like a flower child in spring and like a 1950's debutante in fall. i even suddenly want shoes with bows on them. these kate spades would do the trick! aren't they lady chic perfection?

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is there anything better than a perfect pony and a crisp blazer? maybe a perfect pony and a sequined blazer...

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Inslee By Design


happy september! can't believe its here already. this year is FLYING! this illustration kind of contradicts my lady chic predictions for fall... but i guess even the chicest of the stacked heel w...

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