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hello friends. here is a quick portrait roughly based off of a photograph of kiera knightley. because, why not? shes beautiful. now on to my real reason for posting tonight: making you feel sorry for me when i signed off on friday with my blissfully naieve post about looking forward to fashion week over the weekend... well i had no idea just how much time i was about to have on my hands to contemplate fashionweek from afar. in my attempt to return to new york city monday afternoon from my weekend away, i somehow ended up stranded in an airport in north carolina for 39 hours. talk about time to look forward to the festivities. and read... tweets from people eagerly preparing for this ultimate chicweek. torture! word to the wise - if your going to leave charlotte, take a bus, or just don't go there in the first place if you are a type-a workaholic with a blog waiting at home for you to update. just not worth the risk! so ANYWAY, my point is this: i had grannnd plans about blogging through fashion week and sharing with you all my favorite things, and i still HOPE to do so, but im pathetically behind in all aspects of life - laundry, sleep, email, and art. sigh.... ok, diving right in to get caught up (on everything except the sleep!)

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