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Article: back buttons

design details

back buttons

hello! just wanted to post a quick sketch of a design detail i am currently a fan of - back buttons. i love the idea of a simple shirt or sweater and yet i never buy them. because, well, when your in the dressing room and you're holding a simple black sweater in one hand and a party dress in the other, if your anything like me you end up walking out with the dress. but i think i could get on board with buying some more staples if they had back "surprise" details. seems just a little more fun!

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architectural illustration

two designers

meet my two designers! Lynn and Sharon are California-based interior designers who commissioned me to help them create their brand new website. The site showcases this lovely logo and a multitud...

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fashion illustration

modeling for moda

Happy Friday! Here are some of my sketches that are currently featured on Moda Operandi. The sketches are modeling Mawi and Tom Binns creations that are part of the M'O trunkshows so that custome...

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