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Article: shift in perspective

fall trends

shift in perspective

Well, I simply didn't see this coming. A year ago I hated purses with top handles and shoes with any sort of tassel. I believe I actually did a blog post making fun of fur vests about a year ago too. And I would have sooner gone barefoot than wear mid calf boots with heels. (Unless I was in some sort of halloween costume) Yet strangely enough, these are all trends I am suddenly a fan of this fall. I can't explain my change of heart! I wouldn't have believed you if you'd told me I'd like these things a year ago. Could it be that New York has changed my perspective?? And don't even get me started on bright green skinny jeans, I truly don't know what has become of me. I really want some! I must have a fever!

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bill cunningham

Elizabeth Street

Hello, happy Friday! Yesterday someone told me I sketch the way Bill Cunningham photographs. And I think it might be the best compliment in the world. So I promptly went out into the streets to...

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Inslee By Design

On the street... Seventh Avenue, New York

A post in the style of the Sartorialist. I saw this girl on 7th ave the other day and thought her outfit was intriguing. The simple fact that she picked out and wore each of these things togeth...

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