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Article: Classic Slippers, Re-imagined

Inslee By Design

Classic Slippers, Re-imagined

Happy Friday! Today I'd like to direct your internet wanderings to the lovely and newly launched Jacques Levine to see their re-imagined, classic slippers and my artwork!

As you may recall from this illustration, over the summer I worked with the JL team to create illustrations that captured intimate moments of life made more elegant by wearing JL slippers. The illustrations are now displayed on the JL website to celebrate the arrival of the new collection!

The JL "inslee" slipper pictured above (yes you heard me, the inslee, i know) is illustrated in is perfect natural environment - a leisurely breakfast feast where peonies and croissants abound. Another ideal opportunity to wear slippers: casual dinner parties during which you invite your guests into your gleamingly white kitchen and then seamlessly prepare organic ingredients and open wine bottles while still telling witty stories. And here, three generations of Jacques Levine fans bond over their love of both slipper wearing and playing bridge. And finally, when you've finished artfully arranging your moss balls and are ready to settle down with a hearty glass of beaujolais and Hemingway's A Moveable Feast be sure to slip into JL slippers. You deserve it. And there you have it. The Inslee for Jacques Levine illustration series. So yes, this holiday season, I will be throwing my uggs to the dogs and slipping into something a bit more ladylike. You should too, just imagine how much better you'll feel about wearing stretch pants on Thanksgiving if you're at least wearing elegant slippers!

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