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Article: the inslee crest


the inslee crest

Are you a fan of Happy Menocal? I am in awe of how irreverent and well... happy these watercolors are. Especially the "custom heraldry" I was so inspired, I decided to create my own little crest. All four of my initials (aren't I lucky to have both an I and an H? So symmetrical!) plus croissants because nothing says inslee like a croissant and some vaguely ranunculus like flowers to top it all off. What do you think?

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adventures in sumi

its time for another monthly resolution: trying new things. last month my resolution was to find a breakfast plan to live by. I was really in a place of perfecting sameness last month and gettin...

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strawberry blonde

you know that feeling when you discover a $20 in the pocket of a coat? like you've just won the lotto? that is how i feel right now. i sketched this in august... AUGUST... and forgot to blog it!...

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