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Time for a new resolution this month.

I considered writing this month off as resolution-already-completed because I already accomplished a rather astounding feat - I discovered that I actually like artichokes the other day. I know, huge. I can see my memoir now, "Age 26, I discover artichokes..."

But then I decided to really go above and beyond. So...

I resolve to BEGIN (not to finish) the hunt for a studio.

Obviously, it won't be as romantic and charming as the one I've sketched because my budget is about seven dollars a month. But, I think it's time to entertain the idea of changing my environment. I've always worked from home, and I love it. But I'm curious so I'm going to look around. Wish me luck!

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fashion illustration

honesty jewelry

 Hello there! Sorry I've been absent lately from my plan to blog more regularly. The best laid plans always fall apart. Particularly plans that involve resolving to do something regularly on a blog...

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bastille day


It's almost Bastille Day, so today my post will be about my favorite place for French eating in New York.About this time last year, just after moving here, my friends and I discovered a sweet littl...

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