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My newest illustration for the Layla Grayce blog, The Backroom! This month I explore the joys of decorating my imaginary daughter's room. She didn't love the pink walls but, seeing as she is a figment of my imagination, she had no choice.

Ohh... my imaginary bundle of joy... she's such a riot.

I hope to someday have an actual daughter. I can't wait to hear her to finally confirm my suspicions and tell me I'm crazy. I don't think anyone gets a truly honest assessment of their life until they have a girl.

Anyway... visit the Layla Grayce blog and hear all about my choices for children's decor!

Ps. Thought you'd like to know that every time I typed the word daughter in this post I spelled it "daugther" and I also spelled suspicions as "suspiciouns"... am I alone in thinking I may have improved upon both words??

Happy Weekend!

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