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Article: Diana Elizabeth

citrus tree

Diana Elizabeth


Meet Diana Elizabeth! Isn't she perky? She is a west coast-based Photographer who commissioned me to capture her shooting with her farther's vintage camera and with her beloved citrus tree grove that sits in her backyard. I loved the suggestion to incorporate these two quirky things into her sketch, she was definitely a fun one to work with.

I cracked up reading her blog post about her new illustration - apparently I captured her "good side" - I love this because I have a good side too. I'm that person in group pictures that always makes everyone move around so that the left side of my face is turned towards the camera. Being photographed on my bad side feels like wearing my shoes on the wrong feet, just completely uncomfortable!

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fashion illustration

the black swan anniversary

have I really never posted this sketch??? I painted this two years ago, how did I forget to share it!? It's a look from the Oscar de la Renta runway archives that are always strutting through my im...

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fashion blogger

Metropolitan Thread

Meet Kendal of Metropolitan Thread! Although, chances are good that you already know her. She's a pretty big deal. She was a dream client because all of her poses are so adorable and interesting. ...

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