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Article: family portrait for paperista


family portrait for paperista

A sketch for my friend Antoinette, the lovely owner of fabulous Minneapolis based paper shop, Paperista. She was one of my first buyers at the National Stationery Show a few years back and I admire her taste so much. Over the last few years she shared with me that she and her husband hoped to have children so I was beyond excited for her when she told me this  fall she was finally expecting twin boys and that she was going to need an Inslee for the nursery!

Antoinette and I came up with this sketch featuring her family waiting for the babies to arrive. I loved the sweet pose she asked for and the subtle hint of louboutin red on her shoe.

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commission illustration

Happy Galentine's Day

It's almost Valentine's Day, which means that - even better - it's almost Gal-entine's Day! Does anyone know what I'm talking about? You know... from Parks & Rec... Leslie Knope makes all her g...

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fashion illustration

wedding shoes

introducing the SS 2014 Inslee 85mm collection. sold exclusively NO. WHERE. I am at my wits end.If you were to track my browser history over the last month it would be a constant shifting cycle bet...

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