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Article: It's March, time to head to the patisserie


It's March, time to head to the patisserie


Ok, I'll admit it, I am biased. I think March is the best month. I was born in March. Girl Scout cookies come out in March. The depths of winter are behind us in March and all that is glorious and new is on the horizon... Other fun March facts that we should all look forward to celebrating:

March 11: My birth

March 15:day that Caesar was stabbed to death by Brutus.

March 17: annual my-mom-sends-me-green-hanky-pankys-from-Leppie-the-leprechaun day

March 30th: the monumental one year anniversary of the proposal which launched the shoe hunt

So, with all these wonderful dates of note in this glorious month, I set out to create a sketch that I would want climb right into and live in to honor the significance of these 31 spectacular days. What better spot than the Patisserie? Of course, this doesn't really look like it, and that doesn't really look like me, but the thought of sitting at my favorite spot in Georgetown, and ordering walnut chocolate chip cookies and perfect miniature croissants inspired this sketch.

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